Anders Leonard Zorn – Swedish Portrait Painter

Anders Leonard Zorn (1860 – 1920) was one of Sweden’s best portrait painters. Although skilled as a sculptor and printmaker, Anders achieved his fame with the use of oils and watercolors depicting rustic life, nudes, and an assortment of portraits. His skill with portraits lies with his ability to depict the individual character of the person. Lighting and the treatment of water were particularly extraordinary in his works. Anders believed that a portrait should be painted in an environment that was natural for the model. Our collection of Anders Zorn patterns contains many of his most recognized works including Margit, Midsummer Dance, Our Daily Bread, A Fisherman in St. Ives, and Night Effect. There are also several self-portraits included.

Patterns Included In This Set

Self Portrait with Faun and Nymph


Ols Maria

Mrs Walter Bacon

Frances Cleveland

Hugo Reisinger

Frau Lisen Samson

Coquelin Cadet

Les Demoiselles Schwartz

Portrait of Lisen Lamm

Bedouin Girl

Spanish Woman

Potato Pot

Marie Cohn

Oscar II

I Sangkammaren


Martha Dana

A Premiere

Hins Anders

Agusta Holzer

Self Portrait in Red

Midsummer Dance



Our Daily Bread

A Fisherman in St. Ives

Antonin Proust


Night Effect

Self Portrait

Emma Zorn Lasande